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Solutions to the Faults of Electromagnets

Issuing time:2018-12-03 17:05

Electric hydraulic jack is a medium which uses hydraulic oil. It is an important part of hydraulic transmission and a working medium for transmitting energy. Besides providing energy, it can also lubricate moving parts and protect metals from rust. The quality and performance of hydraulic oil will directly affect the work of hydraulic system. Oil is used according to hydraulic system. The requirements are as follows:

1. Suitable viscosity and good viscous-temperature performance are generally used in the range of viscosity of hydraulic oil: hydraulic system parameters = 11.5 x 10-6-35.3 x 10 square meters per second (2-5 degrees E50)

2. Lubrication performance of hydraulic transmission machinery and equipment, in addition to hydraulic components, some other relative sliding parts also need to be lubricated by hydraulic oil. Therefore, hydraulic oil should have good lubrication performance. In order to improve the lubrication performance of hydraulic oil, additives are added to lubricating oil to improve its lubrication performance.

3. Good chemical stability has good stability for heat, oxidation, hydrolysis and compatibility.

4. The relative motion of hydraulic devices and components has good lubricity.

5. Corrosion and corrosion of metal materials

6. Specific heat capacity, thermal conductivity and small volume thermal expansion coefficient

7. good foam property, good emulsification resistance, 8 oil purity, less impurity and quality.

8. Low pour point and freezing point, flash point (burning flame can make oil vapor on oil surface, but the temperature of oil itself does not burn) and high flash point.

In addition, non-toxic and low oil price should be required according to different conditions. The contents of proportional electromagnets we want to talk to you, such as what causes the failure of large-scale electromagnets, will be explained in more detail. Due to poor contact and welding between plug and socket, old scalper and electromagnet, the proportion of electromagnets can not work properly. At this time, electricity The energy meter can be tested. If the resistance is not limited, the wire can be re-welded, the socket repaired and the socket inserted.

Faults in coil assembly include aging of coil, burning of coil, internal breaking of coil, winding and excessive winding. It is not enough for coil temperature to rise above the output force of general assembly and proportional electromagnet. The rest will make proportional electromagnet not work. If the coil is too high, check whether the current is too high, whether the coil has been painted enamel, and whether the valve is due to it. The death of the fouling card. Find out the cause and eliminate it. In case of wire breakage and burns, the coil should be replaced.

The failure of armature assembly is mainly due to the wear of armature friction pair during operation, which leads to the increase of hysteresis ring of valve. In addition, the different hearts of push rod and armature also cause the increase of hysteresis ring, which must be eliminated. In the case of welding failure or the use of proportional valve pulse pressure, the welding section of guide sleeve is disconnected and the proportional electromagnet is lost. In the course of using, the hysteresis loop of proportional valve increases under the impact pressure and the wear of the magnetic sleeve and armature friction pair. The proportion amplifier fails and the proportion of the electromagnet does not work. At this time, the amplifier should check the circuit faults of various components and scale amplifier. The line between the proportional amplifier and the electromagnet is disconnected or the amplifier terminal is disconnected. The terminals are removed so that the proportional electromagnet does not work. The disconnected wires should be replaced so that the connection can be firmly reconnected.

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