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Analysis of some data of magnetite

Issuing time:2018-12-03 17:06

Magnetite is the ore of oxide mineral magnetite. Black or dark blue. The main component of magnetite is ferric oxide, which contains 31% FeO and Fe2O3 69% and 72.4% theoretical iron content. This is the most important iron ore with some harmful elements and impurities, mainly Mg, Si, S, P, Al, Ca, etc., which can be directly used in steelmaking. Some magnets can be directly used in steelmaking. Ore is a composite ore of titanium and V2O5, respectively called ilmenite or ilmenite, which can be used in the smelting process.

Iron ore, as the main raw material for steelmaking, directly affects the quality of steel products, so it is necessary to analyze raw materials.

(1) Analytical instrument X-ray fluorescence spectrometer analysis Calibur SDD imported Israeli Xenemetrix domestic automatic prototyping machine, using vibration grinding and precision balance.

(2) Analytical program A. In the crushing of iron ore powder and the application of environmental protection vibration mill xrk-150a to 250 projects.

A. Precision balance will be used to quantify the powder sample, and then the sample will be compressed into a smooth and smooth powder sample by the fully automatic press zhy-401b.

B. The analytical capability of the spectrometer, SDD test parameters, is established, and then the compressor is put into the instrument room for analysis.

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