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The Role of Magnetite Filter Material in Water Treatment

Issuing time:2018-12-03 17:07

Filter materials are widely used in water treatment and purification nowadays. Many filter materials are used in water treatment industry, which brings good results. xxxxx experts break down the more common application of magnetite filter materials in water treatment for you. The main filter materials for dual (multi) filters, filters and magnetite filters are essential. Magnetite Because of the use of particle size, the minimum in double (multiple) and the final checkpoint of filter material in water quality, the quality of magnetite filter material is directly related to the quality of qualified water treatment water.

In most industrial water treatment in China, pressure filtration, pressure filtration and backwash are used for cushion magnetite cushion, such as high-pressure backwash. If unqualified or unqualified cushion materials are used, it is easy to make the filter material and cushion appear in the mixed layer of backwash process, and the filtration loss is quickly lost. Filtration effect.

Magnetite filter material is suitable for pipe water distribution system with large resistance. Three-layer filtration is an indispensable filter material. It has good high-strength application ability for improving supporting layer and water distribution system. It has fast filtration speed and is not easy to mix layer when backwashing. The effect of iron removal, manganese removal and fluoride removal is obvious.

Magnetite filter material is an indispensable raw material for filtration of three-layer filter material. It has the characteristics of fast filtration speed, strong cutting ability and long service life. Magnetite filter material is spherical in appearance,*, free of toxic and harmful substances, weighing 2.95g/cm3 4.5g/cm3, British hardness 5.5-5.6. Magnetite filter is suitable for tubular distribution system with large resistance. In three-layer filtration, anthracite and quartz sand are good ingredients, and the composite material is not easy to backwash. It has good self-adaptability to improve the supporting layer and water distribution system. It is necessary for multi-layer filter material. The filtering speed can reach 30-40 m/advantage. Magnetite is an important filter material.

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