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Detailed explanation of the composition of magnetite filter material

Issuing time:2018-12-03 17:08

Magnetite is a kind of iron oxide ore. Its main composition is Fe3O4, Fe2O3 and FeO are complex. It is black and gray. It has a specific proportion of about 5.15, including fe72.4%, o27.6%. Magnetite is a very common mineral, which can be formed in various endogenous and metamorphic processes and is rich in large deposits. It is the main industrial deposit. Magnetite ore belongs to skarte type ore. Iron ore mainly consists of magnetite and contains a small amount of sulfide minerals. It is skaryan with non-ferrous metals such as cobalt, nickel and vanadium, and coal gangue. The ore is spotted, breccia, banded and massive. The magnetization coefficient is similar to that of magnetite quartzite. It can be divided into coarse grained, fine grained and fine grained according to its size. Grains and fine particles.

Magmatic deposits are typical of Kiruna, Sweden, in metamorphic and endogenetic deposits. Mud volcanic activity is typical of Lakke iron deposit in Chile; iron ore formed by contact metamorphism is typical of metallurgical iron ore in China. Regional metamorphism forms iron ore with low grade. Russia, North America. Continent, Brazil, Australia, Anshan, Liaoning, China has a big export.

In most industrial water treatment in China, pressure filtration, pressure filtration and backwash are used for cushion magnetite cushion, such as high-pressure backwash. If unqualified or unqualified cushion materials are used, it is easy to make the filter material and cushion appear in the mixed layer of backwash process, and the filtration loss is quickly lost. Filtration effect.

In double (multi) filters, filters and magnetite filter material, the main filter material is essential. Because of the use of particle size, magnetite filter material is the smallest in double (multi) filters and the final check of water quality. Therefore, the quality of magnetite filter material is directly related to the quality of qualified water treatment water. Magnetite filter material is suitable for pipeline resistance. Force distribution system is an indispensable filter material for three-layer filters. It can be filtered by single or double-layer filters. It is widely used in water containing high iron. After filtration, it achieves iron removal effect. It has the characteristics of fast filtering speed, strong cutting ability and long service life.

In the three-layer filter, it usually combines anthracite and quartz sand filter material, which is a better batching process in China. It is a kind of filter material which is not easy to mix with backwash, and has good adaptability to improve the support layer and water distribution system. It is an essential filter in the multi-layer filter. The effect of iron removal, manganese removal and fluoride removal is obvious. It is used in water supply and drainage, metallurgy, electric power, chemical industry, petroleum, textile, paper making, leather making and other fields. It plays an important role in improving drinking water, purifying high-purity water, improving the quality of industrial sewage treatment and prolonging the service life of water supply.

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