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Two Classifications of Lifting Permanent Magnet Iron

Issuing time:2018-12-03 17:14

There are two kinds of magnetic suction cups and vacuum suction cups. (1) Magnetic suction cups are composed of steel shell and outer shell of excitation coil, which absorb magnetic conductive material and call up lifting electromagnet. They are usually hung on the hook and connected with cable by hook. Their principle can be divided into electromagnet and permanent magnet. Electromagnetism is based on DC electric absorption coil. To prevent material from falling off when the power supply is closed, the crane of the suction cup generally needs standby power supply.

Absorption and discharge of permanent magnets (e.g. Al-Ni-Co or Sr-ferrite alloy magnetic suckers) without the danger of material falling, but it is not clean and easy to absorb iron oxide scales when degaussing, which affects suction. Circular electromagnetic suckers are most used. Rectangular electromagnetic suckers are used when drawing boards and poles are used. The bottom of the suckers is mostly flat and also flat. There are concave arcs, suction buckets and plate rollers. When lifting long articles, multiple suction cups can be used to work simultaneously. The temperature of learning materials using magnetic suction cups is generally not more than 600 degrees.

Vacuum suction cup: It consists of vacuum device and soft plastic or bowl-shaped rubber suction cup. It is divided into two kinds: power and powerlessness. Power vacuum suction cup uses vacuum pump to obtain vacuum. It has high suction force, but has noise. It needs cable or ventilation hose. No power vacuum, also known as self-suction vacuum suction cup, uses piston rod driven by hook as vacuum suction in the field. The disc, without power supply, has the advantages of simple structure and no noise, but usually only needs to learn materials less than 500 kg (100 kg).

Vacuum suction cups are generally used to absorb smooth surface objects without the limitation of magnetic conductivity of materials. Steel, glass, plastics, wood and cement products can be sucked, and can be picked up from a pile of plates with high efficiency.

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